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Two New Releases for Twilight: 2013

I'm pleased to announce two new exciting releases for Twilight: 2013, Everytown and First Contact.



Everytown is a ready-made, highly customizable locale for a Twilight: 2013 Campaign.

As written, the locations of Everytown are purposely named by their function and the NPCs called by their trade or position in the town rather than given names so the GM can easily modify them to reflect the locale and society they choose for their campaign. The intent is to maximize utility for every group playing Twilight: 2013, while retaining a plausible feel of a community of survivors that has survived the Last Year relatively intact.

Everytown is the root and trunk of a tree that, it is hoped, will bear much adventuring fruit for players. The follow-on scenarios connected to Everytown will be branches of that tree, usable on their own if grafted into another campaign, but adding adventure to the Everytown setting.



Everytown - First Contact

First Contact is the first in a series of adventures centered around the Everytown setting for Twilight: 2013.

Opportunities for disaster are abound the first time a group of armed wanderers encounters a population of survivors protecting their resources.

Therein lies adventure that is particular to Twilight 2013, where there isn't a tavern or inn with a welcome sign out front, and no merchant willing to part with his goods for cash. It's all about nerve and driving the hardest bargain possible without getting ripped off. If negotiations go sideways for the player characters, gun play may occur. This can end badly in many ways.

Bundled together for one low price:
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Player Characters - Americans now available

The following characters can act as ready-made PCs or as supporting roles as star NPCs for a GM to use in any number of scenarios. Most location and event details are intentionally left vague to allow for their introduction into a number of storylines taking place within the USA or storylines requiring an American character or two.

Each character writeup contains a detailed history, stats and equipment for both a beginning character and an experienced one.

The first in the Player Characters line deals with 5 playable Americans:

* Bruce Miller (Male) - A long haul trucker looking for his family
* Sarah Jenkins (Female) - A linguistic analyst for the CIA
* Daniel Morris (Male) - A prison guard looking for work
* Wendy Simmons (Female) - A conspiracy theorist searching for the truth behing the Twilight War
* Roberto Gonzales (Male) - An Army artilleryman doing his duty

Purchase at DTRPG -
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Twofer Deal

I'm sitting here with a few boxes of books I'd like to move ASAP. After thinking about the easiest and fastest way of doing this I think I've hit on a sure fire method - a Two for One Deal for the Core Rules. That's right. It's the old buy one get one free deal.
These will make great holiday presents and help with all of your game sessions, ensuring everyone will have their own books.

I've also got a handful of Character Generation and Equipment booklets, which I'll throw in for free on each order, until I run out.
NOTE: Because of issues I have shipping from my small town to overseas, I'm limiting this offer to US residents only. I apologize for this but I think none of us want a repeat of the last overseas shipping debacle. Any international orders will be canceled and payments refunded.
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Shooter's Guide: Sweet 16 now available

White Hats and Black Rifles

Since its inception in the early years of the Cold War, the M16 has become one of the most ubiquitous assault rifles in the world. In American service, its longevity is unmatched by any other rifle - and precious few other infantry weapons. Its modularity enables both civilian and military users to adapt it to a wide variety of roles, from long-range competition to intense close quarters combat. What do you use your "AR" for?

Shooter's Guide: Sweet Sixteen is 93 Games Studio's fifth weapon supplement for the Twilight: 2013 roleplaying game. It examines the evolution of the M16, from the first prototypes to today's cutting-edge engineering developments. Detailed Reflex System information is provided for over 20 versions of the basic platform, as well as a modular rifle construction system enabling you to select your personal weapon from over 100 permutations. This dual-statted product also provides weapon and equipment traits and new qualities and feats for Spycraft 2.0. Sling up, rifleman!

Full Weapons List:

• ArmaLite AR-10A4 and AR-10(T) (7.62mm NATO)
• M16A1, M16A2, M16A3, and M16A4 (5.56mm NATO)
• M4, M4A1 (5.56mm NATO)
• Diemaco C7, C7A1, and C7A2 (5.56mm NATO)
• M231 Firing Port Weapon (5.56mm NATO)
• Colt RO635 and 639 (9mm Parabellum)
• Mk 18 Mod 0 CQBR (5.56mm NATO)
• Olympic Arms OA-93 (5.56mm NATO)
• AMU National Match Rifle (5.56mm NATO)
• M110 SASS and Mk 11 Mod 0 (7.62mm NATO)
• SAM-R (5.56mm NATO)
• Heckler & Koch HK416 (5.56mm NATO)


Purchase from DTRPG


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Shooter's Guide: Cold Warriors now available

Crack! “Low. Five o’clock, three feet.”

Training day is a biweekly event, lately, as the ammo supply from Arbil is getting thinner. At the moment, Dunivan is working a target – a man-sized silhouette spray-painted on a rock – at 300 yards while Sergeant Scott spots and coaches. I’m not looking forward to my turn. At that range, I can see the damn boulder if I squint, and my Kalashnikov is not exactly a precision weapon from three football fields away.

Crack! “Low. Six o’clock, four feet. Are you sure you have that thing set for three hundred?”

Dunivan checks the sights on his M4, grimaces, softly bangs his forehead against the ground, then clicks in a correction. “Uh... it is now, Sergeant.”

Scott stares skyward. “Ull, forgive him. Try again, Dunivan.”

Crack! “Better. Hit.”

Dunivan cranks out six more rounds before his much-abused rifle jams. “Crap!”

“Got you covered, Tom. Mind if I tap in?” Streeter flops down beside Dunivan and unfolds the bipod on his FAL without waiting for permission.

“How do you manage to keep turning up ammunition for that dinosaur when Brigade has been out for months?” Scott asks rhetorically. “Never mind. Engage, Aircraftman.”

Wham! Compared to the sharp reports of M4s, the FAL is like a hammer directly to the ear. The muzzle blast lifts dust in an eight-foot cone.

“Miss. Having an off day, Vincent?”

Streeter frowns slightly, peers through his scope, and fires again. Again. Again. “No, Sergeant, I’d have to say I’m pretty well dialed in.”

I can’t see where he’s hitting, but there’s a haze out there... I bring up my binoculars just in time to see the last rock chips pattering to earth. Around the target at six hundred yards. Sergeant Scott spots it at the same time I do. “Damn it, Streeter...”

“Sorry, Sergeant.” Streeter is thoroughly unapologetic. “Got a bit ahead of myself there. Comes of having a man’s rifle, you know...”


Fine Old World craftsmanship...

The bolt-action rifle was the infantry rifle of choice for the first decades of the 20th century; the assault rifle for the last. Between these two eras, though, a different and lethal breed of firearm ruled the battlefield. No plastic-clad poodle-shooters or effete science fiction props, the battle rifles of the early Cold War were solid, sturdy, and lethal. For the rifleman who wants range and punch in a package with classic aesthetics and the weight of history, there's still no substitute...

Shooter's Guide: Cold Warriors is 93 Games Studio's fourth weapon supplement for the Twilight: 2013 roleplaying game. It includes detailed Reflex System traits for 16 battle rifles and their variants, ranging from the first pre-WWII examples of the breed to those of the middle Cold War. This dual-statted product also provides traits for agents to deploy these weapons in Spycraft 2.0 missions. Lock and load, rifleman - the Known-Distance Range awaits!

Full Weapons List:

  • Ag-42 and Ag-42B (6.5x55mm)
  • AVS-36 (7.62x54mm)
  • Beretta BM5, BM59 Alpini and BM59 Mk. IV (7.62x51mm)
  • CETME Model B (7.62x51mm)
  • FG 42 (8mm Mauser)
  • FN 49 (7mm Mauser, 7.62x51mm, .30-06, 7.65mm Argentine, 8mm Mauser)
  • FN FAL, FAL Para, FALO, and L1A1 SLR (7.62x51mm)
  • G41(M), G41(W)
  • G43 (8mm Mauser)
  • H&K G3A3, G3A4, and G3KA4 (7.62x51mm)
  • Hakim (8mm Mauser) and Rashid (7.62x39mm)
  • Howa Type 64 (7.62x51mm)
  • M14 (7.62x51mm)
  • MAS-49 (7.5x54mm MAS)
  • SiG SG 510 (7.62x51mm) and Stgw 57 (7.5x55mm)
  • SiG SG 542 (7.62x51mm)
  • SVT-38, SVT-40 andAVT-40 (7.62x54mm)


Available now at DTRPG
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Stage I Rules

I've posted Stage I rules finally.

This is the Stage I ruleset for Twilight: 2013. It includes everything you need to get started fighting WWIII in Europe using Stage I rules.

Staged Rules
Individual play groups often use "house rules" to tune their game systems to a specific preferred level of complexity and realism. To facilitate this, we've written the Reflex System with three stages of rules. This book is written with a default level of Stage II in mind. However, scattered throughout the text, sidebars and optional rules sections will highlight ways to simplify or enhance the rules for Stage I or Stage III complexity. Future supplements will also provide additional focused rule sets for Stage III play.

Stage I
Basic. Stage I rules are the minimum necessary to numerically define a character and play a fast-running game. Stage I rules tend to boil fairly complicated events down to simple abstractions. This level of complexity is recommended for introducing novice players to the Reflex System and the world of Twilight: 2013.

Stage II
Standard. Stage II rules contain a default level of complexity that strikes a balance between speed of play and realism. The complete Stage II rules set incorporates all of the systems that we consider essential for capturing the realities of survival in a postapocalyptic environment.

Stage III
Advanced. Stage III rules are written with the hardcore wargamer in mind. Stage III rules provide extra, often gritty, details of various aspects of play. However, Stage III play does tend to require a greater amount of bookkeeping and numbercrunching.

Until July 17th get them for free @ DTRPG
(you have to use this link in order to get it for free)
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May Product Updates

Since I've last posted I've released a few free products for the Twilight: 2013 series (80 pages of goodness) at DTRPG and posted 3 new products to .

Twilight: 2013 - Character Dossier

A complete Twilight: 2013 Character Character Dossier, which contains a 20 page character sheet for up to three seperate characters (although this can be used multiple times for an infinite amount of characters).

PDF Edition

Print Edition (


Twilight: 2013 Rules Addendum

This addendum combines all of the Gunstravaganza firearms we've released on our forums along with new Stage III firearm rules not included in the Core Rules.


    * Over 20 new firearms
    * Stage III Ballistics Data
    * Rules for Suppressors
    * Stage III Quirks for Firearms from the Core Rules

PDF Edition


Twilight: 2013 Character Generation Booklet

The Twilight: 2013 Character Generation Booklet is the entire Chapter Four from Twilight: 2013 Core Rules provided in an easy to handout mini-book. Now your players can easily create characters without bogarting the Core Rules.

Twilight: 2013 Character Generation Booklet @


Twilight: 2013 Character Generation Booklet

The Twilight: 2013 Character Generation Booklet is the entire Chapter Seven from Twilight: 2013 Core Rules provided in an easy to handout mini-book. Now your players can easily equip their characters without bogarting the Core Rules.

Twilight: 2013 Character Generation Booklet @
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The new phonebooks are here!

Today I finally received the hardback copies of Twilight: 2013.

In case you're wondering I am the doofus in the pic.

Before everyone asks...I'll be sending out books starting tomorrow. Please be patient though, I am a one man operation in this regards so I can only do so many per day. I'll have them all out as soon as possible.

They should be arriving at the retailers in a few weeks. Remind your FLGS to order some [or you can order directly from me ;) ].

Order Direct -
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Printing status update

After much delay I've got some decent news regarding the hard copies (for those of you following this in the 93GS forums this won't be any new news).

My files have finally been excepted and I received the proof copy already (which was in a form I was not expecting). I've sent this back and now await the books to be shipped. I was told that the estimated ship date to me is March 27th and things are looking solid for that date (maybe even a day or two sooner).

As soon as the books are in my hand I'll be turning them around and sending them out as fast as I can. Please be patient though as I'm a one man shop in this regard and I've several hundred to repackage, sign and send out. It might take me a few days to get ALL of them out.

In preparation for the hard copies I've removed the pre-order option and replaced it with a single (or more) copy purchase option. I placed the single copies purchased directly from 93GS at 25% off ($29.99 each, retail is $39.99). This price will be good until the end of April 2009.

Shipping is:
  • US - $5
  • Canada & Mexico - $20
  • International - $38.95 (up to 4 copies)
  • American Armed Forces addresses - Free

Purchase Twilight: 2013 Core Rules
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